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Business Coaching

د.ت 200,000

This service offers a team from the same company, a business coaching session during which the team learns to collaborate around a very specific theme of the company.

It is not a Team Building, but rather a coaching of the whole team around a real subject in order to allow the members to have a healthy collaboration and in a framework of empathy and understanding. .

Price is per person

Minimum members: 2

Time allocated: between 1 hour and 10 hours, it depends on the number of participants



I am used to working in different industries such as textiles, electronics, pharmaceuticals and food.

I started working as an engineer and became the manager of a unit that produces configuration boxes (electronics industry).

I had over 800 people under my responsibility.

In October 2009, I became a consultant in operations and supply chain management. Among the projects I worked on, I transformed a family food business into an industrial factory…

I am a rational person, logical in my thoughts.

I am also relational, and the combination of these two opposite behaviors is my strength.

Furthermore, I like to support people in difficulty and help them to have a positive state of mind.

My relational behavior helps me to understand people and approach them in the best possible way.

I decided to change my career to focus on the human mindset, because it is my passion to help others, and I excel in this field.

In a way, I succeeded in the industry, mainly because of my ability to understand and lead people.

In my conception of things, there is no problem, there is always a solution.

To face any conflict, I excel in my ability to eliminate tensions and find the best solution for all parties present.

And it is, for a lot of, thanks to my simplicity of seeing things and going straight to the point…

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