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Hypnotherapist and life coach

What you need to know…

It’s not always easy to expose yourself like this in public, but I’ve found that the more I do it, the more natural it becomes. I greatly appreciate having the opportunity to share the things I love, the places I discover, and some of my most intimate moments with a caring and growing community.

My life journey has taught me a lot. I will spread here three major lessons that I have assimilated well and that I would like to tell each of you:

First lesson: Let go!… EVERYTHING! Drop all fury, all questioning about a fact, a past, an experience…

Second lesson: Live! You may have several lives, if you believe in reincarnation, but for the moment, this is the one that is the only TRUTH! And by “Live” I don’t mean to survive, but to live each moment fully and in full consciousness…

Third lesson: Dreams! The dream is indeed the stimulator of everyday life and the common thread towards the realization…

I see this platform as a vast work in progress with vast potential for evolution, and I would really like to hear your feedback and thoughts. If you want to discuss my work or collaborate with me, learn more about my background or just say hello in passing, do not hesitate to contact me.

Rim Tatar

Who am I ?

I like to call myself a deliverer…

The illnesses of the soul, the sufferings, the anguish, the stress, the drift are they not evils from which we want to free ourselves?

I promise to guide you to overcome all these evils and many more.

If I chose to become a therapist, using rapid transformation therapy, it is because I feel deep inside me that my mission is to help anyone wishing to carry out personal development on themselves, to moving forward confidently and with lots of good intentions, towards the best version of herself!

My engineering spirit and my great empathy make my sessions a success.

I emotionally evacuate the ailments so quickly, that the notion of a weekly appointment for months does not exist in my vocabulary.

Fast is the key word!

After all, doesn’t a person who is suffering, or feeling bad about themselves, want to overcome their suffering as soon as possible?

There are no better people who could talk about me than my patients or my clients.

You can check out some of their testimonials that honor and delight me.

I am at the very beginning an engineer, I worked for a long time as an engineer, then manager and leader (more details are indicated in the page “Professional Coaching”).

After years of experiences, I decided to change careers to follow something that is very close to my heart: “Helping people”.

Hence my studies and my Scientific Master in psychological development, and then my studies and my certification in “Rapid Transformational Therapy”.

I continue to educate myself in order to always live up to the expectations of my customers!

My certifications

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