Rim Tatar

Recently I found myself in a situation I never envisaged. I thought I had an amazing marriage, a wonderful, caring, loving wife.
But last year my world collapsed when after 17 years together, my wife started behaving oddly and announced she was leaving home because she is no longer happy with me, she felterased and crushed and needed space to think. Time went by, I coped with the help of my friends, family but after 2 months aways he contacted me to tell me he had decided our marriage was over. No discussion, she no longer wanted the duty and obligation a marriage entailed.I was devastated and shocked, I thought we would be together forever. All my life’s projects werefell down…
Having the coaching sessions with Rim has made such a difference to how I have been able to deal with the emotional side of separation.
Struggling with anxiety from the effects of my wife deciding to end the marriage, Rim has really supported me in giving me; the opportunity to focus on what I can control; recommendations to be strong and increase my self confidence to deal with the many challenges I was facing;
Rim was helping me to think about how I want my life to be and then working towards the goals to move on.
Nowadays, I feel I am a new person who has a high self-confidence and, mainly, who is Happy…. (Thanks to my beautiful coach)
Life is beautiful!!!!!
I would not hesitate to recommend Rim to any ongoing through separation


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